Saturday, 22 April 2017

Linktip: Tutorial series on data structures

Here is an interesting link to a tutorial series on data structures by Vaidehi Joshi on She covers the basics with a nice mix of text and sketches, which is easily understandable.

This series made me to implementing the basics into a PHP package, so I understand these data structures better. You can find the php-datastructures package on GitHub.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Use Let’s Encrypt on a shared hosting like Hosteurope

So you want to secure your website with a SSL certificate and you want to use the free service Let’s Encrypt on your shared hosting web space. Here is how I did it.


My web space runs on a Hosteurope WebHosting Medium package (no ssh access), my local machine is on macOS.

It is not possible to obtain the certificates directly on the server when on a shared hosting without SSH access. You have to get these locally and upload them to the server.

To perform the installation of the certificates, you need the Certbot client and a ftp browser to upload the certificates to your web space, I recommend Cyberduck. Continue Reading